Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yet Again.

Two more friends leave. Kolkata is fast becoming a lonely place.

And surprise oh surprise, a phone call was missing. I do not doubt that it shall come in whatever number of days it takes to reach Bangalore from Calcutta by train along with the words 'packing' , 'hurry' and 'sorry', but it is a terrible thing. To be the only one left behind as it were, while the other parts of your world march off. And march off together.

I am told that I'm often too hard on people. I suspect that it is usually on friends. And I fear that jealousy forms a large part of it.

Makes me feel very, very, small.

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Don't feel bad sayrem
"all good things has to come to an end"

Life must go on, may you find many new friends in life

I've been through this when I was your age and everbody seemed to leave! For once am glad that I'm 24, does not happen much now! The worst part though was the feeling that everything went on as usual even after they left!

Same thing happening to me too Sayrem .. So I can relate to this post very easily

P.S. Aishu and me are frens for 2 yrs now... You know after so many yrs I got a person who understands me perfectly... Cuz Ppl have walked out of my life by mere misinterpretation of what I wanna tell them... Communication skill is lacking I guess lol! Anyway, expecting people to understand us is sometime problematic according to me... this is my very recent lesson....

@ venky
i can only hope that they do not come as a replacement.

yes. Even though i thought that the world would stop.

@ sowmi
remain lucky.

Awww, life is full of hellos and goodbyes; it seems to never end...You are not small...You are just needed where you are ...right now. Look around and inside for the reason. Internet hug or handshake or bow or what ever is appropriate?!!! {} You are not alone. :)