Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Notebook.

I have been coming across many good movies, all one after the other and I wonder why. This Isn't quite like how things happen to me.

Watched 'The Notebook' , a conventional romance in every way except that its so much more beautiful. At the end of the movie I wanted to stand up and award Robert Fraisse with the Oscar for best cinematography except that he probably wouldn't attach too much importance to it even if I e-mailed him one. There aren't any layers to this, and watch it simply for a visual treat, or maybe when you are down and out and low and lonely.( So in hindsight I probably watched it at a wrong time)

What is it with the Romances? Hindi or English, they are all the same and yet they never fail to bring a spring in my step. And oh, did I mention that it's set in the early 1940's? and again, what's with me and the past? Period Dramas or Historical plays I lap it all up.

I remember S suggesting I see '13 Going on 30', but the future and their projected sciences merely intrigue me, they don't captivate me, enthrall me, make me wonder at what once was.
There is certainty and comfort in the past, the future brings mere doubt.

It rivals 'A Walk To Remember' and that, my friends, is saying something.

Watch it, and discover what it is like to long to visit distant lands and want to see beautiful places, hold them in still pictures and yellowed albums.

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has this movie released or is this one pirated too,hahahaha

released back in 2004, hahahaha.

I found it painfully romanticised. The book was okay to start with.
And the past always seems better because you cannot have it!

you are the type who watches Matrix over and over.

we live our past everyday.

:) I've watched this movie too.. I loved it and again, "A walk to remember" is my all time favourite.

Try watching "Forrest Gump" if you've not watched it yet... Its a story of an unassuming man who succeed in life but takes nothing to his head and remains simple and who need only love and acceptance! Try this...

The story of an unassuming man??

Now I simply must. :)

Never watched Matrix and If you relive past everyday then what do you do with your present?

Yea you must ... But then I don't know your tastes so so well... so check out IMDB before going for that movie :P

"There is certainty and comfort in the past, the future brings mere doubt."

Very, very profound; and so true...


you cannot RE-live your past mallick, but every time you sit down to proof-read an article, you live a decesicon of your past.

and as to the present, with it we create.


I find that IMDB acts as a spoiler more than anything else.