Saturday, July 11, 2009

Of New York and just a little more.

I wanted to save up New York to watch it with my friends, but that was not possible, and so I watched it alone, feeling lonely right through Junoon. And then 9/11 took over and I no longer missed anyone.

There are better movies made to depict racial profiling by the USA after 9/11. And there are better movies made on songs of friends. If I want to watch the earlier,I'd watch Khuda kay liye. And if I want to watch the latter, I'd watch Dil Chahta hai.

Speaking of Dil Chahta hai, there comes a time, and sometimes far, far too soon than u've ever imagined when you feel that your friendships aren't quite what they were not too long back. The differences that provided such newness and sparking conversations have just been reduced to frustrations at not being able to put your points across and you find yourself increasingly biting your tongue on a late night phone-call because your brain is numb with 12 hours of learning and you still have another 4 hours to go before dawn when you can finally go to get some sleep before it starts all over again.

Not that you like it. You were the one who would take joy in all your differences and say " Friends don't have to be alike . They have to know how to enjoy their differences together." Not to mention newer friends with whom you find it easier to converse, simply because they seem more on the same plane. And you are ashamed of yourself because, in your hearts, this is traitorous and you don't have the guts to talk it out with your friend because of the unsureness that you have been feeling for nearly a year now.

We find comfort in those who agree with us. Growth in those who don't.


P.S : Just when John's finally learning how to act, along comes another to claim his discarded crown.
P.P.S : Isn't it the same new york which KJo shoots??

P.P.P.S: For my readers:- In school our classmates named the three of us Amar, Akbar and Anthony. We however named ourselves differently. After DCH- Akash, Siddharth and Sameer.

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Interesting as always. Haven't seen NY so can't comment on that.

But changes... hmnnn.. Things do, so do people but there are some friendship that goes the boundaries. So chill. Things do go a full circle

"We find comfort in those who agree with us. Growth in those who don't."

Impressive and oh so true...

Hmmm, I can not make a good guess...which are you and why???

Thanks for reminding :) I am yet to watch NEWYORK.. will watch tomorrow :)

@ mops:

you couldn't have :) that's an Indian movie.
I'll let you know if nobody guesses it before my next post :D

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First time on your post.
Havent seen New York so won't comment on that. Can I say something on friendship instead? True friends provide you with a support base when you are down. No matter where you are and what you do, you can always count on them to be with you when your darkest moment comes. It does not matter if you are a Sameer or Akbar or Siddharth.
Hope I did not sound preachy. This is my true feeling since I have experienced it myself.

even though u havn't seen me paint, Absolutely :)

@ aparna

yes. true friendship does go deeper than this. but its amusing, isn't it?
so very often, friendships take on a life of its own and lingers n long after what started it perishes. :)


i lost 2 of ur comments...1 on mirage and the other on blyton....


tho i doubt that they were intended 4 my blog in the first place, was that ur doing??


mirages are just as easy to lose as they are to create, yes.

and u lost me completely on Blyton. I don't understand the 'Roy connection' I meant Neil Nitin Mukesh( presuming that's what you meant.)

@ mops

as promised,

Dil Chahta Hai is an Indian movie that tells the tale of three friends, Akash Sidharth and Sameer. Three different people, three different personalities, one enduring friendship, and life through different coloured glasses.

cult among all indian cine-goers, it seems closest to the youth who obviously identifies with it,just as we do. :)

So You are back...Finally...Keep going...

I also intend to watch "New York". So, will watch it and then comment!

On Friends, i too had experience where i have long time friends, but hardly anything to relate/talk! Guess, we need to be able to relate, have few common things to share. Otherwise the friendship fades.

Btw, Dil Chahta Hai is one of all time fav movie:-).

both were meant for you, the Roy connection was my disbelief at your not liking The God of small things.
Also, the name of the obsessor is mallik.

@ anonymous
keep reading.

it just shouldn't happen too often..otherwise we'll be left all alone.

That was an early post, and since I never tire of saying it, to each his own :)

yeah watched it similiar storyline to that of khuda kay liye which was a wonderful movie, New York is a watchable flick.

Hiya !

Hmmmm had grin on my lips while going through your text ! Occupied my mind for some time....lovely !


@ Venky.
just watchable.

jollies back at you :)