Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Thought.

Its often only after the very tiring days that so many little reflections on life hit you. However its not always that you realize that these little nuggets were always there, right behind in the recesses of your mind and that it has just come to the fore in definable clarity and that there is no newness to it after all.

Que Sera Sera : Whatever will be will be.
There was a fly fallen in the ink pot of the Boss.He takes it out from the pot and places it on a fresh piece of blotting paper, to watch it dry itself and prepare itself for flight. But just before it flies off the Boss places another blot onto the fly, so that this time the task of drying itself is more arduous.Yet the fly like all mortals fights for its survival and raises itself for another time before a third blot wipes out its existence.
The fly has no consciousness of the boss and the blots are for it bolts of fate that keeps striking him down, with which he is utterly incapable of fighting, yet he fights unknowing that his existence is being overseen by a stout robust man over him.
We are different. And for us the knowledge that the ink blots shall drop on us are more terrifying than the drops that do eventually fall.
So we live our lives from one blot to another.

Whatever you can do:
There is this thing about your life just starting, you, very much like the fly think that you are responsible for your future and are filled with an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm and drive. You are determined not to make the wrong choices, you are determined not to slack off, you are determined and willing to start putting so many things on the backburner. Then you look around you to the many friends who have already gone off chasing dreams and your resolve turns stronger.

Then what happens??

'Hota wahi hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai.'
(only that which the God shall will will occur.)

P.S : Refernce to the fly taken from a short story by Katherine Mansfield

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Good metaphor used. Yes we should do our duty and not worry about the results or non- performance of the duty that's what bhagavad gita says.

Interesting analogy Sayrem :) I really love this post so much :)and ya determination is what we need all the time to get up and fight against odds.

@ venky

well put yourself. :)

@ sowmi

better put . :D

Thanx 4 commenting.

the post is superb.

Que Sera Sera


C'est La vie

Yes it is the god's will, but we also have a role to play.
I think god supports people with the right intention,and beautiful things happen to them.

we live in hope.