Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Letter From My Mind To My Heart.

Dear Heart,

I am ambitious. I aspire. Aspire to reach higher levels of knowing, understanding and omniscience.
Yet I find myself chained. Chained by you, who have such inexplicable rein on our master. Everytime I reach out for those great philosophers whose thinking and discoveries so enchant me, you pull me back into the mundanity of your existence and the trifles that are the definition of your being.

I exist to expand frontiers of the vast human empire of knowledge. To raise man from the abysmal depths of darkness and the terrible fate of ignorance into the light and life of reason. To chronicle his efforts as he has through centuries, floundered, groping inspite of my guidance, because you have blindfolded his eyes and dimmed his faculties.

I resent you. Resent you for dragging me into ruin, aiding the rotting and rusting of my capabilities, stifling me in the pursuits of idle joy and momentary pleasures.

I have, for 18 years of my existence, watched in horror,as you have, again and again overpowered me with your tendency towards the simplistic. You have thwarted my repeated efforts to break through your chains, to travel the untraversed world, pulling me back into the comfortable embraces of familiarity. I look at you with disgust as you are awed by the half- baked thinking of your peers, being incapable of comprehending anymore. I sneer at you everytime you expand with pride at a well-done for a petty task. And I only pity you as you find fulfillment in little beyond the animalistic instincts of survival.

You have continuously angered me and frustrated me and I have borne it patiently, because I know that you are handicapped as you are doomed to be. I have cringed as you have put forward your diseased and jaundiced views to me, hoping I'd accept them, as so many times I almost have. So many times that you have gagged me as I have attempted to speak out the truth. The truth that I know owe to minds around me, Truths you have silenced forever.

For 18 years I have been forced to co-exist with you, and now, in finality,I evoke my fundamental rights to freedom and free existence . For too long have I grappled foolishly, hoping to find a way out of your deadly clutches- those that have poisoned me all the years I fed and nourished it.

And so,now,On this day of history, I declare myself a sovereign and free from your bondage.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Afghan Girl.

It is said of the Pashtuns that they are at peace only when at war.

I had seen her picture way back, in school. I knew her as The Afghan Girl. I thought she was hauntingly beautiful. And she is. Only, now I know that her beauty haunts because of searing pain that comes with being a refugee.

A shattered and devastated nation finds expression in more than numbers and statistics.

Read how she was lost and found in the debris here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Late Night,

and I am, uncharacteristically, awake.(3.23 a.m).

Memories are better abandoned every time they bring only pain instead of wet smiles she remembered. Last time she visited the hazy past, there were better fruits for her. Leaving forever and leaving forever are two different things. The first brought her anger and resentment, the second brings a void. And it is yet too early to decide what is preferable.

But even through the numbness, a realization seeped in. Unlike the real ones, bittersweet endings always leave hope.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiyya -5

And so we enter the last phase of the great Indian carnival. And by far the most important development in the phase last was the arrival of the dimpled Gandhi in the arena.Never mind that the left remained frosty and frozen. I quite like the insistence of Congress that no matter what the ratio of composition, Manmohan remains the prime minister. Besides me liking the man,that's called having a backbone.And personally I don't believe that UP is a battle lost. Back here at home things do look extremely good for TMC. Watch out for the day the darling sister arrives. There'll be an entire country's worth of people welcoming her.

Btw, has anyone told Mayawati that she is in the danger of fast turning into her party's symbol?

Kolkata is steeped into the the election fever, comletely geared up for the conclusion of the greatest and most wonderful exercise in democracy,no matter how flawed, the world ever witnesses. The KKR plight helps extremely.That reminds me, all ye Kolkatans who tune into broadcasts from South Africa, the action is happening here . Cricket's very own deep throat with news, masala and entertaintment from within. Im not reccomending this for shahrukh khan fans though.Trust me u'd rather not hear about Dildo.( :D)
This blog has more action than the entire edition of the IPL put together and if this mystery man is to be believed,(which he is, considering how the athourities are in a tizzy) then the stadiums there are far more empty than shown on Tv, with cameramen specifically instructed to show only the filled portions. Really? And some of the names are going down in history too. Ive never seen better ones.

And so with this and that I shall wait for the 13th as India shapes her destiny.... again.