Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiyya -5

And so we enter the last phase of the great Indian carnival. And by far the most important development in the phase last was the arrival of the dimpled Gandhi in the arena.Never mind that the left remained frosty and frozen. I quite like the insistence of Congress that no matter what the ratio of composition, Manmohan remains the prime minister. Besides me liking the man,that's called having a backbone.And personally I don't believe that UP is a battle lost. Back here at home things do look extremely good for TMC. Watch out for the day the darling sister arrives. There'll be an entire country's worth of people welcoming her.

Btw, has anyone told Mayawati that she is in the danger of fast turning into her party's symbol?

Kolkata is steeped into the the election fever, comletely geared up for the conclusion of the greatest and most wonderful exercise in democracy,no matter how flawed, the world ever witnesses. The KKR plight helps extremely.That reminds me, all ye Kolkatans who tune into broadcasts from South Africa, the action is happening here . Cricket's very own deep throat with news, masala and entertaintment from within. Im not reccomending this for shahrukh khan fans though.Trust me u'd rather not hear about Dildo.( :D)
This blog has more action than the entire edition of the IPL put together and if this mystery man is to be believed,(which he is, considering how the athourities are in a tizzy) then the stadiums there are far more empty than shown on Tv, with cameramen specifically instructed to show only the filled portions. Really? And some of the names are going down in history too. Ive never seen better ones.

And so with this and that I shall wait for the 13th as India shapes her destiny.... again.

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