Monday, March 22, 2010

Fair And Handsome.

So, the yearly exhibition done and the caravan proudly displayed it was finally time for a brand new session and brand new books. Plus, a transition from three to four means that you even have new subjects- Science, History and Geography.

And I was glad to see the books devoured with enthusiasm not unlike mine when I encounterd new boks each session.

And then my aunt took it into her head to teach him the chapter on plants before he stated school. That was when horror unfolded.

"I can also make my own food."

"No beta, you cannot. Only plants make their own food."

No, but  I can." was the stubborn insistence.

"Ok. Do you have chlorophyll?"

Of couse he had, he wisely explained. Only of a different colour. Brown perhaps, and that was why he was dark when all of us are fair.

The Indian obsession with fair and lovely starts young.