Friday, July 31, 2009

Of Careless Decisions.

This day, a year back, I became a blogger.

It was a carelessly made decision, and it showed. I didn't care, there was no one to read it and I definitely intended to keep it that way. Then I realised that other blogs existed in the blogosphere too and I started to read. Reading made me comment and somewhere down the line my blog started being read too. The initial comments made me wonder. Comments were commented on the readable. So I tried my hand at better expression, and to another wonder, I was not as inarticulate as I considered myself to be.

This blog has seen me through a terrible year, and after a brief high of April-June, the slide has seemingly begun again. So it is only fitting that I remember its first Birthday. (Ah! the selfish alter-ego intervenes: you need it to see you through another long time.)

Happy Birthday, dear blog, and may you live for evermore.

"Through language we explore experience, emotions, the very essence of our existence. Unless all that we think and feel can find expression in natural, coherent words, we have not come of age."

All the growing up that is left, I'll do it with you.

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Chronicling Lyfe :)

Let you live for longer and cheer the readers :)

Happy Birthday to your blog! I'm so glad I found my way to it. Good luck in all your ventures and hope you'll be out of this cloudy patch into sunshine, soon.


thank you.

thank you and I hope so too :)

hey sayrem congratulations, pretty much like me, but never had terrible time last year, and i dont remember when i started the blog

@ venkat

u did in February last year :)

Soon the sunshine is gonna come and make your world brighter than ever :)

Happy birthday to your blog....may this be the percursor of many more to come

only u could have said that. :)

@pesto sauce.
my blog says thank you. :D

Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing with us...

Happy B'Day 2 ur fabulous Blog:-).

You write so weel & do keep UP:-). I do read ur blog regularly and find it pretty interesting!!

Cheers, Viji

so many blogs many taken off...

i'm just a traveller

When is new post coming?

I am a Virgo not Scorpio

@ mops and viji

indeed, thank YOU.

@sanely insane

travel on. its the most beautiful way to live life :)

@pesto sauce

so much for stereotyping. venkat, wouldn't u agree?