Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Mother with her Son.

It's officially monsoon now and I'm still baking and broiling. I thought the worse was over when April was, But no, June still roasts. The weather's been so much on my (and everybody else's) mind I can hardly think of anything else. And for most of those load sheddings that I still endure, I could of think nothing except the people who overuse their A.C's so that I have to sit with my books in the balcony hoping for an occasional waft of cool breeze.

But today, returning home 1 in the afternoon, I saw something.

A malfunctioning ATM door of Punjab National Bank.

And sitting there, at the steps, in the cool draft of the AC within,a mother with her son. I don't think I've ever seen a broader smile on an urchin before, or more relief on the face of someone with a hand stretched out for alms.

Come all the load sheddings that may, I'll keep in mind that picture of a Mother with her Son and feel blessed for the sluggish fan that rotates in my room nearly 20 hours a day.

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I felt this slice of time with your mother and son here across the ocean...Precious and beautiful; timeless. Thanks. :)

Read the comments on your last 2 posts...I left a note for you.

I've edited the post a bit, just to make things more clear.
I saw the mother with her son sitting in the cool draft of the Air Conditioning- that's what was bringing relief to them,in this heat.

I know; I could tell...You write beautifully.

Im the one who says thank you round this place, Mops. :)
Thank you.

Ahhhw! Does bring a smile. Glad that we pick up on the little things happening around us, and loh! what happiness they bring.