Friday, June 19, 2009


I can't stop ranting enough about my exams. As soon as one's over, I'm staring at the other in the face. But the one next month (exactly 15 days and 6 hrs away as I type this *faint*) is the most important of them all. Now I usually don't freak out before exams. Correction. I never freak out before the exams. Never as in never have in the 13 yrs of my schooling. And believe me, looking at the amount of studying I do for them, that's saying something. But I digress. so , to repeat,I never freak out before my exams. But this academic session, as I look around at my brand new classmates, I am starting to feel like I have a lot of reasons to freak out. I'll tell you why:

There are exactly 4 types of people in my course:

The Weirdos: before you call me rude,I didn't name them. My friends did.(fine friends I have, still indulge in kindergarten name-calling) They are exactly five in number, move around in a group, are cold (make that icy)and they even have separate notebooks for their electives. Alone and effortlessly, they make me feel very,very inadequate.

The Cool Dudes: they are the ones who spend all their free time in the auditorium(our cafeteria stinks),take turns testing the willpower quotient of the weirdos( last count, the wierdos were left unshaken) ,yet manage to come for exams with the syllabus complete.They are the majority.

The "Kichu pori ni":( translated- did 'nt study anything) They hang out with the cool dudes in college, do all their studying at home, are hypocrites to the last degree and come with their syllabus complete AND revised.

The Library-worm: I alone inhabit that category. I sleep in class( just sometimes), and use my free-time to raid the library and study as I see fit. Most of the time its extraneous because loving the subject as I do, I find the syllabus incredibly and hatefully dependent on rote learning. So I look up stuff related to what I should be studying(but don't)and just Read. Extensively and voraciously. Doesn't help too much with my exams though and I end up for them with an incomplete syllabus, hoping for the best.

You would've noticed , category 4 is the only one where people don't study and being alone in it has thoroughly shaken me up.So I'm thinking maybe I should panic. Maybe it will help. Maybe it will shock me into studying.

15 Days to go. Will it??

P.S This post was composed on 18.06.09 ; 1.45 am but left unpublished due to load shedding.
P.P.S In this unbearable heat ( averaging 40*C) we are having an average of 3 hrs load shedding everyday.

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Take it from someone who's not studying anymore (though I'm sure you must have heard it a zillion times) studying is not the best thing, but it aint the worst...and as for your category your writing is serious so I think you should be too!(again the obvious is never correct but I'll risk it this time!)

abt studying?i am.
abt parroting like a fool? can never be.

I know spitting out the rote material seems meaningless; but you know as well as I that this is our education system now. To get to the challenging, exciting courses of study you must first pass the boring and inane...perhaps it's a test? Study, you have too much potential and passion to slide into mediocrity! What is load shedding?

load shedding- current faliure, where you are supposed to go without current for hours even.

Ugh...that would be miserable!

I'm determined now to be less miserable, there are people worse off.
(though the power cuts continue as i post this.)

You will survie buddy... the future is yours. Ofcourse one can digress and talk about the need for change in the sytem of education, but I still think its a long way to go. So hang in there and its knowledge that you crave for, it will take you places.