Monday, June 8, 2009

Farewell At Howrah.

Another friend departs. This time to Mumbai, a charmed city. And obviously, there are usual promises, but as always, these will lose significance, fade.

It's something like standing on a platform at the Howrah station, waiting for your train among chatters, excitement, reminisces and maybe, some tears. It comes and you wait for it's departure with the twin feelings of dread and hope.And then it leaves, with the sound of the whistle you've grown to love so much since your childhood. Only, this time, you are on the wrong side of the iron strips.

Soon you are left standing alone on a deserted platform, looking round with a lump in your throat, and a head filled with years worth of memories to other platforms,where more separations, more uncertainties await.

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They do say, people lose themselves in Mumbai. Maybe you'll meet each other again soon.

And let that query and wait be the true "enigma".

I ended up in your blog through Banjo's... and yeah you have a beautiful blog... and you are into my most prvlgd list now... hold on.. I meant that I am following your blog...

Congrats on deciphering the ENIGMA...

@ banjo.
im sure we'll meet.and with newer stories.


im honoured.thank you.
(i solve puzzles for a pastime.)

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But isn't distance the true test? If it does fail you, why have something which falters?

because maybe,it wasn't meant to be had forever?

So well written and poignant. I love your blog...It's beautiful...

thank you. the compliments keep me going.