Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Saw it. Finally.

And managed to see a little bit more than its sheer beauty.

I saw the basic being at the very core of all our shrouds of civilization in Mr. Button , when stunned at the death of his loved wife and the deformity of his child that might otherwise had also been loved, his irrational senses compell him to almost drown his child before Benjamin's destiny leads him to the Old- age home.

I also saw that the essence of any kind of relationship, of life itself that has to be shared, lies in meeting midway. As Caroline and Benjamin realise after a beautiful ballet class, he growing younger and she older. That is a profound philosophy. We may bend backwards and forwards and maybe all the ways in between, But real understanding would come only when you meet exactly halfway. Anything otherwise would be unfair.

We all want to be different. To stand out. To be looked at. Stared at. Admired. But being different is difficult. Especially when you are really and truly different. Not different in the ways we know, in having only Prada and Gucci and Puma. But different in ways that are inexplicable. Being different in the mind. Being different in the body. Being handicapped. Then it cuts and bruises and we can ask for nothing more than normality. Ordinariness.

And of course, I saw that everyone does different things.
Some are born to sit by the river.
Some are struck by the lightning.
Some have an ear 4 music.
Some are artists.
Some swim.
Some know buttons.
Some know Shakespeare
Some are mothers and,
Some people dance.

I know Shakespeare, but he is not enough.

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Yeeeeeee... I watched this movie long time back.. many of my friends din like the movie.. but i Liked it :) and you know wat... I was discussing about this movie to one of my friends and also gave a nickname to him as BENJAMIN BUTTON, the BB :)...
wat-ay coincidence that you wrote about this movie that too today :) I know how difficult it is to be different lolzzz... afterall everyone of us are trying to be different in each and every way :) loved the closing lines of this post.. superb!!

really liked the post, but I disagree on one count, being different is actually easy. To be similar, conform to it, define it...thats different and truly difficult!

Poignant...I think it is difficult to be different. However, I am not a conformist. So it would be difficult to be as everyone else....

@ sowmi

except the last,not mine unfortunately.


even if being different means ostracism??

and even if being different means that benjy is not allowed to play with daisy under the table?

is it really so easy to be a different that leaves you alone?

@ mops

to be as everyone else even in what defines you as a human?

Intresting review. Note to myself: Have to catch up on the movie.

good movie indeed!! :)