Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Begining..........

........and the first one for my blog.

I spent my day studying as i usually like spending my 1st Januarys.....just a kind of superstition that I have. You spend the entire year doing what you do on the first. So today was a day spent in exhaustive brain activity. Ive long nourished a secret ambition of becoming a workaholic. Looks as if im getting closer to that year by year. Liking my studies more and more.....If only I could ignore the absolutely vast periods of lethargy that would put even hibernating creatures to shame.

I love the modern century. Its so fascinatingly complex. Makes you realise the fragility of man in his entirety.The helplesness it itself faces from a world changed by him alone- willingly and eagerly. the modern man...confused rather than being empowered. Unable to cope with his rapidly changing psyche.Man is at new crossroads in his eternal quest to discover the self. And he must survive the harsh winds of change that threaten to tear him apart.-winds he's churned up himself.

"the woods are lovely, dark and deep....
but i have promises to keep...
and miles to go before i sleep"

Ive got many promises to keep. Most of them to myself. Somehow I dont really like promising things to other people.Unlike the ones you make to yourself you cant break them.

Newer beginings, Newer adventures, Newer awakenings.

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