Thursday, January 1, 2009

15 minutes before an new begining.

At my tuitions today, I was halfway through trying to decipher Marvell. That man writes such brain twisting poetry , i feel absolutely confident that i could understand Kafka or Freud with lesser effort. Not to mention the absolute grotesquness he seems to take such delight in.My personal opinion is that he was a sadist. But I digress.

Sir called us out on to the balcony to show us the moon.A fine crescent with an 'ask' of the whole moon in a blurred but nevertheless, bright form.......its kinda hard to explain, but beautiful.. just the perfect sight to end my year with....two lines from Harivansh Rai Bachchan's poem keeps playing in my mind.( u kno the way some tunes get inside your head and you cant just seem to make it go??? Like That.)
"जीवन में एक सितारा था .....माना वोह बेहद प्यारा था........
जो बीत गई, वोह बात गई...."

New year sort of marks the end of christmas........not that I celebrate either...but you would know what I mean.Looking forward to oh-nine.....the first part of oh-eight was amazing,and so was the last part in its boringness. I stopped making resolutions way, way back....maybe in class eight. I couldn't be sure. But the reason I stopped was that I usually forgot what resolution I had made in the first place. I always had a strong suspicion that it was to study harder, but then i really didnt like believing in that so I preferred suffering from selective amnesia.

Anyways, ill make a resolution this year. or even better, ill make two.
1. Remembering B'Days
2. Blogging more.

the second one's funny, considering no one really reads my posts( save over-interested siblings who have noses a foot long each); but i always wrote only for myself. im hopeless at the first one but i can always try. We always feel that way at year- ends don't we???

Ill hope for brighter stars this new year.

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