Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Phoenix's rebirth.

The olympics exemplifies the very ideals that man has stood for....over centuries.

Man's eternal quest to overcome nature....pushing himself, excruciatingly, punishingly, inch by inch, beyond boundaries that are only human.the spirit to shine among a galaxy of posses the olympic halo that pronounces one the ultimate victor.

The greatest show on earth.

A personification of all that man can, ever, achieve. An embodiment of man's ultimate aspirations,dreams, desires.............

But my blog is not about this already talked to death about topic.No. its about another talked to death about topic.

A certain Abhinav Bindra.Who sent billions into a celebrating frenzy.

A socerer who reincarnated a whole nation.he has come to symbolise that eternal hope for India. Awakening a long awakening spirit; a victors will to conquer.

Maybe brought us those few precious moments when the quaint, ancient tunes of

Jana Gana fill us with a passionate pride.

Somehow, very strangely, economics, business, five year plans, public sector....

all fade away beside the figure of this slight man. Or maybe we just choose to ignore all else beside him. its a rare enough indulgence.

i have always believed, india with its teeming populations can stand tall....... a giant dwarfing giants. my country's strength.....its youth.

Watch it rising like a Phoenix. For though India has the makings of a shambles, it also has the potential to be a celebration of life.

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