Monday, August 11, 2008

I LOVE MY COUNTRY............

Cynicism is as easy to catch as malaria and far more dangerous.especially for the young people.we pick it up like an echo from professors, from movies,from one another.

it sounds adult. sophisticated.worldly wise.One who knows.

Another 15 august is upon us.The daily papers have daily news of daily disasters.This horrible country. Why cant we be like England? America? Australia? Canada? Anywhere?you see, its all these filthy politicians.its all because of our education system. its all a matter of population.its all because we are a tropical country. Its all because we are simply illiterate.All the stuff about helping the poor-what can you do with millions and millions of them? what are we paying taxes for? stop right there.

There is indeeed a lot that is wrong with us.The thing is, that there is a lot that there is wrong with every country in the world.I would not like to be in a country that despises me because im brown. In a country where everyone has a gun and is likely to shoot me because they feel like it. Where i would be treated as contemptibly inferior. where they havent got a language they can call their own and little enough culture.whre my religion makes me a terrorist.

No. i think I would prefer this country that I live in. On. With. For.

I am proud of my roots.Of a country that defied empires to arrive at freedom,even if we have made a bit a mess of that freedom, freedom it still is and we are working at it. This land flows in my blood, breathes in mylungs, pumps in my heart.

Welcome 15th August.

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