that was me.strolling down the beautiful lawn of my college on what was the first day at felt like a dream..........and like with all good dreams,i was soon jerked out of my teachers.....?(.oops,sorry...lecturers they are called i was told.)gave me a rude shock.

the kind that not merely wakes u up- it throws you off the bed and onto the floor and makes you run right out the door...............

college SIX DAYS A WEEK?? ???

right from 10 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening????????

she couldnt have been sure of that.
somebody has a sense of humor.

attendance for all the classes taken in the SAME REGISTER??? so that if you attend one class you have to attend all?????????????

a lunch break for only 15 MINUTES????(i mean even in the jail some people call school we had half an hour to satiate ourselves....)

my college athourities call it discipline.
actually , its more like child labour. i mean its just not legal.

truly.......;" colourful clothes do not a college make".
we live in constant sure im having a nightmare.somebody please, please
wake me up!!!

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