Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Sea.

Sitting at the window seat of a bus on the Sealdah flyover thrusts the picture of vast humanity below you. It's fascinating. Everything moves. In continuous, unbroken waves.

There are three types of people that I spied in those waves.

The first were The Conformists. Obviously in the majority. They are the ones who surround me and suffocate me. They confuse morality with convention and we know them to be capable of terrible cruelty. Tell me, would they understand a genius genius differently?
The society does not respect them.

Then I spied, dotted all over the expanse, The Confronters.
Some found inclusion here by choice, and others in their callousness.
Do you know what happens when enters a microcosm in a macrocosm to create ripples? The macrocosm is disturbed.
So it re-groups itself and retaliates. It punishes the one who in deluded belief of being a society unto himself dares to disturb. The macrocosm would push these to its very periphery and deny them access to the core.
The society is weary of them.

Then of course, as the law of the universe dictates, there must be a group who has achieved a perfect balance. I think that the world was created in end September or start October and this is the reason behind it being doomed to be ever looking for the perfect halfway point. Neither entirely here nor entirely there. And so, finally, I spied The Non- Conformers.
They, the wise ones knew just precisely how to fit in their differences which did not ripple the waters. Or at the very least, did not start ripples which extended far.
The society is thrilled by them and it thrives on them.

But then again, I spied something else. Dots even fewer than The Non- Conformers. They embodied perhaps the one true characteristic of the waters in which they were born. They were the ones fluid and moving. They fit in neither of the three groups, and yet they perhaps found a place in all three.
They were the ones who did not know their place. Indeed, they did not know if they had one at all.

And then, a light turned green and I moved on.

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Very Very meaningful and the most beautiful fact you've presented :) and now am thinking as to where I'll fit in :P

@ sowmi

if nowhere, then in the last.

These individuals are the very ones who reflet everything around us. cynical,truimphant,morose in varying degrees.
The light should have remained Red for a longer time you would have seen what breaks them!

Hmm truly any person wud fit in any of the mentioned three categories....cud easily point out so many of my friends to the first and last one.nice write up...tak care and keep visitin ..cya :)

i think i will fit in to the group that doesnt fit into any of the groups

@ mallick
oh yes. I would know about these individuals.
maybe the light will remain red longer the next time around.

@ hary
hmm mm.

@ venkat
and so would I.

Amazing :) I am glad you were stopped by that red light!

@ mops.

you'll be surprised at the multitude of things waiting to be observed at red lights.