Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being Free.

And so two countries celebrated another year of freedom.

Are we politically free?
Are we economically free?
Are we culturally free?

Are we free to spin our own illusions?

Are we free to at least proclaim that we are free?

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Hey wish u a very happy Independence Day!!!!!

Your right.. those questions are still debatable..

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if you aren't free you wouldn't be able to say this

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There's a thin line between inter-dependence and being ruled.
Independence and inter-dependence are both equally important.

Though we are free to spin our own illusions, we are sure not free to implement them around us!

It's a strange kind of independence... its like in transit towards independence.
Rather independence is a state of mind and no one outside of you can give you that!

you hit the nail on "India's" head :)


I'm so at a loss of expression.