Thursday, January 21, 2010

Antaheen - The endless struggle.

I've been meaning to watch it for a long, long time now and when I finally did, it was worth all the wait. This movie is perfect balm for sored eyes.I say perfect, but ironically this movie is an exploration of how there is no perfect. Ever.

It's also an exploration of relationships, and the dilemma that you face at a cross-road : Of wanting to stay back, yet wanting to move on. Three relationships, three different pains. And a common struggle to find that perfect.Its a beautiful movie on how perfection is confined only to the unknown.

The struggle is not only that of trying to look for perfection, but even that of trying to look for beauty and meaning. That is what humanity essentially believes in. A struggle, always, of something beyond. Something on the horizon of tomorrow without which today is futile.That is also, perhaps, why so many of us are incapable of living today. Today is what it is in relation to the test tomorrow.

But even besides, very strangely, it brings out quaint yearnings. Perhaps it was the music, perhaps it was imagery- you have to see it to believe it. Rain splattered window-panes and wind chimes in the rain.  Dark Clouds gathering over the Calcutta skyline.Droplets mingling on a Lotus leaf.  Rahul Bose gazing away into that Beyond.  The city twinkling away at night as its inhabitants fall into restful sleep.Old homes with mats drawn on strings in the verandah. And Radhika Apte is a revelation. Those eyes speak a million words and then some more.

This movie is a Canvas sensitively painted. And life is all of the things described above.

It is also the Red Kite with a Blue tail stuck in the antenna, struggling to free itself and fly away in the quest of that horizon and till the end, still struggling.

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love the way you saw Antaheen. The movie was magical and painful,

I've to catch up with this movie :) :)

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where's the time? :)

I actually saw the trailer on tv after it won the National award..did seem interesting!

It also walked away with the "Best Cinematography award."( Abhik Mukhopadhyay)
Had To.