Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Chaos Theory.

Have you ever heard of the chaos theory?
It is a science.
It tries to determine underlying patterns in chaotic systems. Weather, Ocean Currents, that sort of things. Well, it turns out that there are few things more chaotic than the beat of a human heart. Speeding up, Slowing down. A pretty face, A flight of stairs.
It's always changing depending on what's happening.It's an erratic son of a b***h. But underneath all that bump-a-ta-bump mess, there is, in fact, a pattern.

A Truth.

And it is love.

The most important thing about love is that we choose to give it.....And we choose to recieve it.
Making it the least random act in the entire universe.
It transcends blood, and it transcends betrayal.
And all the dirt that makes us human.

This year-end, Figure That out.

P.S: my VLC media player has a red cap on its icon(with a fluff of cotton at the end), Though I still have no idea how on earth that happens every year. And I am wearing woollens. So yes, All Is Well.

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Love seriously is the most chaotic thing ever "invented"!

i agree wid "obsessor" IS d most chaotic thing ever invented or ever invented....its the most hated but most rated of all emotions!!

P.S: hey my vlc media player is also wearing the santa-cap!!!