Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Afghan Girl.

It is said of the Pashtuns that they are at peace only when at war.

I had seen her picture way back, in school. I knew her as The Afghan Girl. I thought she was hauntingly beautiful. And she is. Only, now I know that her beauty haunts because of searing pain that comes with being a refugee.

A shattered and devastated nation finds expression in more than numbers and statistics.

Read how she was lost and found in the debris here.

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This picture is so mazingly haunting, she looks like a post card of endless array of lost chances! is at once terrible and beautiful..

thanks for the link... its touching... and the 2 pictures... say a million wordsss

welcum anytime :)

Those eyes do tell a story.. doesnt it? Pain and fear written all over it....

pain, fear, steel and survival.

Her eyes say it all....Anger, pain, helplessness, aggression, oppression....Everything!

its the eyes which would come back to haunt you...

I did see the photographer on television as he went back to Afghanistan looking for her. And he finally found her. It was a shock for her when she was discovered again.

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The Eyes,omg.Thank you for visiting!

When the picture had first come out, it shook the world. When it came out again years later, it became a collector's item.