Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiyya- 2

This is in a continuing vein of my quest for political awareness. Turns out that a home upside down has its benefits after all. I found an Outlook dated last November with a cover story on Leftist Politics, which I (not unusually) devoured. Though its kind of embarrassing that I had to turn to that after 18 years of living in West Bengal. And from what I could gather,(which wasn't really much) I think that the Left is prone to dragging the economy towards the 20th century. 19th even, if only they were given half the chance. Though this is not to ignore the CPI(M)'s efforts in singur,and as they make no mistake in crowing about, they probably helped in making India reasonably crisis-proof in these worst of times.

But this might not have been such a great achievement anyways if we regard congress' socialist agendas. That certainly should have helped. Try coupling that with the red-flag waving party goondas I see round my city enforcing bandhs and placing banners and defacing my freshly painted walls, I find it a sorry picture. But in all fairness, had I lived in UP, I might have been saying the same for Congress. Never I mind. I'll just focus my attentions at what who's done and proposes to do.

On hindsight, the election tamasha dipped a scale lower, with Modi calling congress a budhiya and gudiya in turn. Methinks it was directed to Sonia and Priyanka respectively. Kudos to Congress for having always maintained the dignity of the electoral process and high offices. If anything, I can garauntee that we won't ever hear abuses being sent forth from 24, Akbar road.

They just won themselves another point.

Upcoming: An IPL post that has been brewing( like so many other posts) in my drafts for a long long time.

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The Congress is secular! I am laughing my stomach out reading this post. What happens to Shah Bano at 62 when she divorces her husband? What happens to the Imranas raped by their fathers-in-law? The Muslim women are so safe under this Congress rule - wow!

Isnt it time there there are same set of laws for Hindus and Muslims in this nation so that each one is equal to the other? But talk about the Uniform Civil Code and the Congress shies away. Isnt this vote bank politics to grab the so-called minority vote bank? Isnt this pseudo-secular?

Look at their ally like the SP. They have split from the SP for the elections but would die to join them again post-poll to form the government in case of a hung assembly. SP supports SIMI which even the courts recommend banning.

The only difference between the BJP and Congress is that BJP shows it is not secular while the Congress does not show it(but acts the same way).

Yes, the case of Ms. Sanyal that you point out is a case in point where we have the right people standing for elections. Hope they get a good vote share and make a difference.

the indian judiciary is divorced from its legislature.its got a backlog of cases which would take it 10 yrs to solve, all holidays and new cases unconsiderd.all DAT dint happen under congress.

and come on. u seriously dont beliv dat india wil turn into a ram raj(pun unintended)under a (forth right yes, i grant dat) BJP?we simply Cannot negate the presence of minority(20% of 1.1 billion)vote bank politics, yes, but politica dat atleast PROPOSES to work for the 20%. if dat produces such little results, i shudder to thnk wat will happen if dere is no intention to wrk 4 dem in da 1st place.

at least da few educated young lot needs to understand that india is a whole, undivided faction, inclusive of da minority and the impoverished.

uniform civil code??

another post for another day. :)