Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to books.

See how fast I renege on my resolutions???? :D But Ive been doing what I like best- reading.With the deathly hallows went out a small part of my life and two sunday mornings back, I suddenly realised that almost for 3 years Ive read no book that has absolutely enthralled me. So I dug out this old old list of books Ive been meaning to read since the donkey's years (and please dont ask me how could I still be in possesion of such an old old list) and set out on a quest to beg,borrow, steal and scour gariahat for them. Once in possesion of them I read them like the one possesed.

ANGELS AND DEMONS.- The only one of Dan Brown I hadnt read so far and shall I say the best?
Especially the parts with the absolutely wonderful rhetoric on science Vs God. Slick, modern, shocking( Im making it sound like a sci-fi movie, and its got a hidden motive- to make you read.) This book has made me put Italy on my list of places to visit and no, this list is not dictated by the monetary concerns other sensible people might find prudent to include. My bro finished this book with indecent speed and I simply refuse to believe that he read it cover to cover( he's the type who'll watch a movie on a computer backwards. My personal opinion is that he can't stand the suspense), though in his defense, he does read with insane speed.
I just hope they dont decide to make a movie out of it.

BOYHOOD DAYS- Arguably the best of the lot. chelebela is entirely my type of a book. I find such charm in colonial india( contribute it to my lack of knowledge on the bengal famine, black hole etc etc, though I did see Bhagat singh). Ive always known, and known particularly that translations can at times, be as ruining as movie adaptations but inept and inarticulate that I am in bengali this is the closest I'll get to tagore. He never disaapoints. My earlier trysts with him include reading some of his letters, translations of few verses of geetanjali and the Valmiki Pratibha.

A TRAIN TO PAKISTAN- Quite similar to what Ive heard from my grandmum about those worst of times. All through the book I pictured it on the lines of the godhra riots. Not the type of book id like to read just before sleeping. But perfectly fine all other times of the day. Especially if you get an unexpected day off because of a bandh and you don't( for a change) have exams breathing down your neck. Id say Kushwant Singh is losing his touch. Or maybe its just the constriants of a weekly coloumn. With my limited capabilities in being able to write, Im in no position to comment.

THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS- Depressing to say the very least. Its too dark, too gloomy, and too real. Well ok, even A train to pakistan is too real but this book has a kind of heavy pessimism that I completely disliked. Id say what ive perhaps never said for any book before,no matter how disliked( not that there were many anyways) : I wish I hadnt read it.

UNACUSTOMED EARTH- the latest addition to my list. Not good . Not bad. Readable but nothing beyond that. I expected better from the author of namesake.

None of the books enchanted me as I remember even the mystery Enid Blytons used to.
Maybe i was looking in the wrong places.
Or maybe, Ive just grown up.

P.S Not at all related to the post here but speaking of Enid Blyton made me remember Spiderman and my favorite line from my favorite part (part 1).

"With great power comes great responsibility"

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u didnt like Roy? seriously?
couldn't agree more on blyton though...the magic lingers on


They finally made the movie..ANGELS AND DEMONS!

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