Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Singur Saga.

It seems quiet after the storm.....and there's a strain of sadness in this quiet.
Bengal has just missed out on an industrial rennesiance that would hav taken it back to the glorious 50s.... wen it was the hub of industrialztion. Just before the naxalite movement, trade unionism, and a certain Jyoti Basu reared their heads.

The Nano was crucial...for a revolution....something that Bengal has needed for nearly 4 decades now, with is economy stagnant and incapable of generating new avenues of employment and wealth.
The Nano was realise somebody's dream of Amar Shonar Bangla.

And yet....i found it difficult to bat 4 Bhattacharya every time i heard him abused.and so very colourfully at that.For u see...i dint see Mamta Banerjee as the opposition.

I saw Mamta Bannerjee and Medha Patkar and Arundhati Talwar and Arundhati Roy and Aparna Sen and Shaonli Mitra. I saw feminism demanding its right to be seen. To be heard. To be able to make a difference. Which they did. And three cheers to that.

Chauvinism in beauracracy plagues India.It was overcome as im sure its dentined that it must. Thats a start. A start that heralds newer beginings.....Beginings which promise greater equality. Its utopian to believe that complete equality is in sight.

Its been exhilirating to follow this Saga.....and overwhelming to watch it end. This was DEFINETLY one, long ride. And the gang of girls did everything just perfectly. As im sure P wud hav said........ "way to go gals!"

i saw indomitable spirit, inflexible covictions and tremendous will power. Never before, i believe, has the destiny of a collective mass of people been shped so decisively by women.Or maybe im just forgetting Indira Gandhi.

Foolish though the cost might have been, and heavy though the price, the Tata's goodbye seems to hold up a message- bold and clear.....Bengal has finally come of age.

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