Friday, December 26, 2008

Elementary, my dear Watson......

Sherlock holmes: looking up at this vast universe, I feel so insignificant....
Me: strange. Looking at a mirror makes me feel the same way.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

That time of the year.

" silent night......holy night...
all is calm.....all is bright.."

a crisp chill in the air and the quaint tunes of soft carols, Christmas comes again.
its soooo much more than the breed of MBAs wud hav us believe.Christmas,that resides in its spirit,a spirit which tells us that giving is, and always has been, infinitely better than receiving. Which extends so much farther than a string of mulicolored the forgotten parables read out to us years back wen we were in the primary the memories of reading A Christmas Carol,at the end of which our hearts were gladdened at small, homely and generous havin learnt the lessons of generosity.

Christmas invaribly brings along in me a desire to do good,to help,to reach out, to revisit the part of me that shall always remain in the classroom of 1B.....listening ,for the first time ever the tale of the man who made the blind men see and the lame walk,seeing with wonder,a shiny christmas tree.

Sometimes it also makes me relive all those last days just before the christmas hols;yelling mery christmas and writing the same on was the best part of all dose days back at Loreto.......straining my ears, I can almost hear the corridors of my school ringing with Away in a Manger.

The chill is more pronounced this christmas eve in Kolkata,and most streets in northern calcutta shall still be bare,because people here still spend christmasses with family,.in quiet thanksgiving and love. Christmas is not to be celebrated with the drunk and the rowdy.

And I'd still like to believe in the fairy Mrs Anthony told me about.The one who reports to santa about whether I've been good all year.

Spread the cheer mates...Merry Christmas.!!

Some ghosts refuse to be exorcised.
The horrors of Parition returned to haunt.
Even half a century and a decade later.